Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is different about bpmiCloud?

A: The average hosting company offers technical support but has no clue what you want to accomplish. BpmiCloud can help you choose custom web services to achieve your unique personal and business goals. Regional customers in Southwest Virginia can schedule a free in-person consultation. Global customers can schedule phone or skype consultations. 

Q: How do I choose the best SSL for my website?

A: For most website projects, Free SSL will do fine. Web sites which collect money or personal or sensitive information should purchase a certificate. If more than one domain or sub-domain is in use, multi-site certificates can cover all the bases. Review the SSL Certificate descriptions in the SSL store section to find the best product for your security setup.

Q: Do I need to create an account to shop for web hosting? How do I order products and services?

A: You can create an account whenever you wish. If you are not ready to create an account, just compare web hosting products before signing up.

  • Visit the hosting products menu to compare plans.
  • When you see the plan that looks best, click the Order Now button to see all the billing options and prices
  • This will take you to the Choose a Domain page
  • Choose a domain to see if it is available and the price – OR – If you want to skip this choice for now, choose radio button for “I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers” and type in a domain name already in use.
  • Next you will land on the “Configure” page. Here you can see a drop-down menu of billing options, and the price for each (e.g. “monthly”, “yearly”..). You can choose your plans here, plus any options (more domains, domain transfers, ssl, software, etc.) to build up your shopping cart and see price totals.
  • View the “Order Summary”. When you are ready to place the order, click on the “Continue” button
  • Complete the purchase

 Q: How Much Space Do I Need? The other hosting company offers Basic Hosting “unmetered” hosting space. Why should I consider bpmiCloud instead?

A: At bpmiCloud we do not oversell our offerings. Like an airline selling more seats than are available, a hosting company can sell more space than you will use or possibly need. In addition, if they guess wrong, too many customers will share the server and service will be slow. BpmiCloud offers a generous amount of space for each type of hosting service, without buzz-words or gimmicks. If you outgrow a plan it is easy to upgrade – just order the new plan you want and the hassle-free upgrade takes place.

BpmiCloud offers the plans web developers prefer. For example, CPanel options give you control over .htaccess files, set file permissions for greater security, database tools, backup tools, ftp tools, ssl and email tools. Advanced shared plans offer programming language tools (perl, ruby, python, git, ssh) and Softaculous software programs.

For the average non-technical web hosting client, popping the hood on a web hosting plan can reveal a lot of scary moving parts that only an expert mechanic can understand. Be assured we are here to earn your trust and provide guidance with great integrity and care.






Southwest Virginia's Technology Corridor in the undeveloped wilderness

 Q: How much help do you offer for my website, and how much will it cost?

A: We attempt to help with all skill levels and budgets. We will let you know beforehand when our help requires an extra cost and will send you a quote. We can perform the following services upon request:

  • Website Migration (Free)
  •  Website Design
  •  Business Analysis
  •  Package Upgrades
  •  Integration of different software or payment systems
  • e-Commerce Package Customization and Initialization
  • Mass Data Imports
  • Accounting & Tax
  • Set-up of backup systems, email accounts, ftp accounts
  • Integration with third-party backup services
  • Software acquisition analysis
  • Security hardening
  • Marketing and SEO
  • Image file enhancements
  • CSS file consolidation
  • Move from our server to another

Drop us a note to explain what you need and we will send you a quote.

 Q: Can I park domains here?

A: Yes, order your domains in the store and we will send instructions on how to point your domains to your website here or on any other hosting server. Optionally, you may just invest in domains to protect your brand or for future resale. If you do not see your desired TLD in the store, drop us a note and we will add it in for you.

Q: How can I improve my search engine placement?

A: There are many, many, many factors involved in answering this question. We can say; however, that our web hosting plans provide the tools required to achieve the best SEO. You will be grateful you chose a plan from bpmiCloud which includes .htaccess, advanced PHP, SSL and other options required to improve search engine placement.